The alphabet In my classroom Do you speak Colours English? Ig;m t~ 'sku:l! go to sleep English Zone - A four-level course for every class English Zone is aimed at English zone 1 SB centconmosazy.gq New Total English Intermediate Students' centconmosazy.gq MB Здравствуйте! Помогите найти TEST BOOKLET к курсу ENGLISH ZONE 1 и 2, и CLASS CD. English Zone 1: Workbook English English Zone 2: Student's book centconmosazy.gq 7 MB.

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Part of: English Zone Level: English Zone 1 ISBN: An easy-to -teach course for pupils aged English Zone makes learning English. New English Zone 1 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. English Zone is a four-skill, six-level primary series that offersstimulating and diverse language learning experiences. As theyfurther their ability.

What's your name? I'm Connor, How old are you? YOU What's your name? HOLLY YOU What's? GAVIN your name? YOU I'm are you? B Hello! C Hi, this is Gavin! How many places does Gavin show you? Use these questions to help: EMMA Ben, get down! I'm sorry! We're Australian. I'm Luke and this is Martin. We're students. Are you tourists? EMMA Oh, no. We're from Oxford. We're English. My name's Emma and this is Gavin.

Oxford is pretty. The centre is old. Yes, Oxford is nice - and the shops are new! Oh no! Ben, come here!

Comprehension 2 True or false? Example I'm from Oxford. Oxford is an old town. It's pretty. We, you, they four books two footballs peV'. Make sentences with these words. These are pencils. Complete the text with the short form of be. I'm 12 and my sister Beatrice is We J at school in Lyon. School 5 great! Her teacher is Miss Richard and my teacher is Mr Duval. They 7 nice teachers.

Where are you from? This is a pencil. Student A says the name of a thing. Student B says the same thing and adds another one. The student that remembers the most names in the correct order is the winner. Those are dogs. That is a dog. Vocabulary Days of the week 1 Write the days of the week in Emma's diary. Examples A Monday. B Tuesday. A Thursday.

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B Friday. Sing with me! Skills zone i eading 6 Read the text. Are the sentences true or false? I'm Scottish. My Dad's from Edinburgh is my home town. My um's English. She's from London. Edinburgh castle Edinburgh is a big town.

It's the capital of Scotland. The castle is famous. It's big and old. The centre of the town is old and pretty. The shops are new.

New English Zone 1

Vocabulary Numbers 7 Tell the class about your home town. Use Calum's description to help you. Example A Six plus eleven. B Seventeen. Fifteen plus fourteen. JOSH Hi! I'm Josh and this is Megan. EMMA Where are you from?

We're American. III, In English, names of nationalities are written with a capital letter, e. The capital of England is London. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. The capital of orthern Ireland is Belfast. The national flag is the Union Jack. It is made of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Circle the correct answer. A black B green C blue Complete the sentences. Is, are 1 How old are they? We in London. London very big and the shops new and modern.

They good. J ""'KI'l At'61o '. Self check. A What's your name? YOU A How old are you? YOU A Where are you from? YOU 9 Use the opposites in exercise 8 to complete the sentences.

Not bad! ExceV Very good. The job's for you! Sit down Som. Supermarket Sam. Oh, no. Today's Thursday! No, he isn't. No, it isn't. Yes, he is. Yes, it is. Look at that guy. Is he in the England football team? Hmm, you're right. But isn't he famous? I'm not sure. Let's ask. Excuse me. Are you in the England team? No, I'm not. I'm an actor. My name's Darren. Are you on television? Yes, I am. And I'm in that advert.

Oh, OK, great. Then listen and check. Student 8 says the job. Use the short form. S We actors. S,l-1te, sVie's Cl twcl-1er. You aren't famous. We aren't actors.

You aren't actors. They aren't actors. Before vowels, a, e, i, 0, U, we use an: You are not famous. We are not actors. You are not actors. They are not actors. S Ben is dog. Be - negative In the negative form not comes after the verb.

True or false? Examples Nelly Furtado is a singer. Penelope Cruz is a singer. Penelope Cruz isn't a singer. She's an actor. S Big towns are noisy. Example you English are? Are you English? It's a new pop group. He's a famous actor. Write six phrases and compare them with your partner's. Yes, you are. No, you aren't. Are you a student? Are we English? Are you students? Yes, we are. No, we aren't. Are they teachers?

Yes, they are. No, they aren't. A No, it isn't. A Yes, it is. Example 0. Group A writes the name of an object in the classroom.

Group Basks questions to find out what it is. Group A can only give short answers. Example B Is it a blackboard? B Is it big? B Is it a desk? Give a short answer. Examples Is your Dad a bus driver? Don't show it to anyone. Now describe the bag to your partner. Example Number 17 is blue. Number 12 is orange. J pizza CJ cola Welcome to my restaurant It's a very very famous restaurant Come and look at the colours of the food It's all for me and you! An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

A My name's Tomas. I'm from Bratislava in Slovakia. B How old are you? A I'm B I'm 12, too! A That's good! What are your favourite things? B My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite food is pizza. A My favourite colours are purple and green, and my favourite food is chocolate. Name Age Nationality Favourite colour Favourite food Parkside SWimming Pool. I want to join the swimming class, please.

EMMA Castle. EMMA Emma. It's three pounds a lesson, and the first lesson is on Monday. First name. In Britain the number of the house comes before the name of the street or road. The postcode comes after town. I, I It: Complete the form again with your friend's information. What's your surname? How do you spell that? What's your first name? What's your address? What's your postcode? Write the name of the money.

Over to you! Comprehension 2 Circle the correct answers. Yes, she is. No, she isn't. It's a quarter past six. It's five to seven. It's twenty-five to seven. It's ten to seven.

It's half past six.! It's six thirty. It's a quarter to seven. It's twenty-five past six. It's twenty to seven. It's six o'clock. It's five past six. It's ten past six. It's twenty past six. I'm late! Irs a quarter past eight! Jrs fine! Irs fine! The lesson's at nine. That's great!

I'm not that late. Example A What's the time, please? B It's half past eight. It's a new hotel. She's in London. They're my friends. It's on Tuesday. Wh- questions Wh- questions start with question words, such as: Where, Who, What, When. Examples What is it? Where is she? Who are they?

When is your English lesson? Example WnClt Ls tJov. It's my bag. It's Mr Patterson. It's at eight. S is the time? It's half past nine. She's at school. Hil Adam. It's blue. DAVE the time?

S When is your e He's in the park. CAROL is that? Where What! Get into groups of 4. Look at the square on the board. Each group asks a question with a question word in the square.

The group that asks three correct questions in a line are the winners. The square game Lily and Adam. It's half past six. He's at home. In pairs ask and answer about the pictures. Examples Who is in picture 1?

What time is it? Where's Adam? Speaking It's on oll.. Lv've oM sLx. Example A My phone number's What's your phone number, Maria? BIt's B It's in winter. It's in February. The Simpsons Fihn: Big Brother Bond on Saturday: Goldeneye America's favourite cartoon family! Classic adventure , ' '; i Today: The week at Wimbledon Looking for a new singing star A quiz show for all the family The original reality show Pierce Brosnan is lames Bop.

Example A What time is The Simpsons? B It's at half past two. Yes, Connor. What's the time? It's two o'clock. What time is dinner? It's at seven. Are you hungry? No, I'm not, but my favourite programme is at half past seven tonight. Talking about the time 7. B It's at seven o'clock. B It's Animal Hospital. A When is it on? B It's at seven on Wednesdays. B It's at twelve thirty. A Are you hungry? B Yes, I am.

And here is the Prime Meridian time line. It's the centre of world time. It's from the International Date line. The International Date line is the starting point for each new day, year and millennium in the world.

There are 24 time zones in the world - one for each hour of the day. When it is 12 o'clock noon in Greenwich, it is 1 o'clock in Budapest, but only 7 o'clock in the morning in New York. And in Tokyo it's 9 o'clock in the evening!

It's 11 a. We're at , Greenwich now. Look at that - beautiful ship! Its name is the Cutty Sark. It's very old. It's 10 a. Greenwich is in London. Ifs on the River Thames. Say what the time is in Examples Paris Le; the capital of France. Be - questions and short answers 2 Make questions. Example Scottish are you?

She is from Spain. They are my COs. She's a famous model. My favourite programme is Animal Hospital. Situations 5 Write answers to these questions. YOU Vocabulary 6 Circle the correct word. Self check Write the colours. Just in time There's a problem. Really Mrs Moffat? There's a television in the office That's fourteen pounds twenty-five please.

This Weeks Hits is nearly finished! It's the football match! We're just in time! It's a football match. Hello everyone. What's this Write the name of the speaker. S This Week's Hits is on at 8 o'clock. Yes, I've got a dog.

I've got a parrot. It can talk, but it can't fly. Have you got a pet, Gavin? Yes, I have. No, you haven't. I have. It's not true. It is!

Here he is! This is Rambo.

Rambo's a computer dog! He can't run but he can wag his tail! Comprehension 2 Who says these things? S It's not true. Example I think a is a monkey. Some plurals are irregular! Have you got a pet? Have got - questions Have I got a fish? Have you gol a cat? Have we gal a parrot? Have they gOI a rabbit? Yes, I VlClve 2 Have they got a pet?

No, 3 Have we got a horse? No, 4 Have you got a fish? Ves, 3 They 5 Have Holly and Emma got pets? No, 2 Complete the sentences with 've got or haven't got. Have got - negative I have not I haven't got a horse.

You have not You haven't got a dog. We have not We haven't got a cat. They have not They haven't got a rabbit. IVe ClOt Cl 9. J 2 We have got three cats. Look at the picture and write answers to the questions. I the true sentences. Birds can fly. B No, I can't. B Yes, I have. I Three questions Work in pairs. Choose an animal. Your partner can ask you three questions to guess what animal it is.

Example A Can you fly? A Have you got a tail?

A Are you small? A You are a mouse! Example Guinea pigs can't talk. Example Have you got a dog? They have dogs, cats, rabbits and interesting pets, like spiders and snakes.

The most popular pet is the goldfish. More than la million people have got goldfish. British people have got 7. A lot of people have got two or three pets.

Hamsters, rabbits, and even rats are popular pets. B No, it can't. B Yes, it can. Example A Have you got a pet? A Can it jump? A Can it fly? A Can it sing? A Can it swim? A Have you got a duck?

Writing 5 Read about Gavin and Connor and write your own paragraph. My name is Gavin. My name is Connor. I've got a pet. I haven't got a pet, His name is Rambo. Rambo's a computer It's red. He's grey. Then write your own verse with one of the other animal noises. What's today's date? Today is Tuesday the sixteenth of March.

So what's special about today? Is it your birthday, Mrs Wood? Happy Birthday! My birthday's in October. Is it a holiday? Of course it isn't, Gavin!

So why is today a special day? Now I remember. We've got a test. The sixteenth of March We write: A When's your birthday? B It's in March. It's on the twenty-first of March. This is Birmingham City Farm. The farm is for families. It is very popular. At the farm they have got sheep and chickens. Harry and Liz are volunteers. On Saturday and Sunday they haven't got school, so they can help with the animals.

She helps animals. These dogs haven't got homes. Diana can help them find a new family. The police in Britain have got horses and dogs. Andrew and Phillip are police officers. They haven't got police dogs, they've got police horses. The police horses are big. They can run fast. HClY'rtj 2 I've got a horse. Yes, Mum. Have you got a present? That's nice. What is it? It's a picture. He's got lots of pictures. He hasn't got this one.

It's his favourite football player! It's a poster. It's very big. That's OK. I can keep it in my bedroom. He is Dad's father. My Famify kcwen She's my grandma. She is Dad's mother. Usa She's my aunt. She is Dad's Sister. They're my cousins. They are Dad's nephew and niete. Say their names. Example B Who is Richard?

A He's my uncle. Speaking 7 Tell the class about your family's favourites. Talk about these or other things: My brother's favourite football team is Real Madrid. The th sounds: Ithink he's thirty-three. Example A Has Mum got a computer?

English Zone 1 Workbook

B No, she hasn't. Use each word once. This is sister. It's bike. That is cat. Now all Gavins friends are here. Emma's my friend.

Emma's got a dog. This is Emma's watch. I'm eleven. I've got one brother. Connor and I have got three uncles.

Dad's got a sister, too. Mij V-Clw. They I Their surname is English. I the correct sentences. Correct the other sentences. I 2 This is Connor book.

I Out of the bag Get into groups of three. One student faces the wall. The other two students take one thing out of their bags and put it on the desk. The first student turns round and joins the other two students. He I She tries to guess who the thing belongs to. Example This is Silvia's pencil. This is Jan's rubber. This is her watch. It's Emma's watch. This is his bike.

It's Connor's bike. Possessive's This is Emma. This is Connor. Meg My name's Meg.

I'm an only child. My Dad is a teacher. My Mum is a nurse. I've got my own bedroom. The house is very quiet. I'm not lonely because I've got two good friends. I've also got a cat. Cuddles is 2 and I love her.

John My name's John. I've got four sisters and one brother. Kate is Kim is Kirsty is 11 and Karen is 4. Walk in the corridors She no can cook In the evening we Then my best friend 3 The match What are you going to eat? He wanted an ice cream I liked the concert Then last year my parents The weather It was hot and sunny.

How old was he? Did you like the concert? She watched a film When I She lived in Germany Two years later we I travelled by train Extension Correct them The boy gave the girl a present New English Zone 1 Uploaded by aulafutura. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page.

Search inside document. I 4 Write the questions for the sentences in exercise 2. Alistair age: Irish tall?: Bogdan Sanda. Beatriz Gonzalez Lizalde. Kent Ingles. Iacob Violeta. Jacqueline Licup. Kata Ecker. Anne Sim Val. Andrea Alvarez. Mili Rey.

English Zone: 1: Student's Book

More From aulafutura. Centro De Estudios AzaMar. Edith Ruiz. Popular in Food. Gaurav Sharma. Trevor Pitcher. Amarnath Aitha. Shreelekha Pillai. Ashley Gordon. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Torii U. Army Garrison Japan weekly newspaper, Oct.

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